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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Life Coaching?

It is in essence a very simple, back to basics, grounding, learning and emotional experience.  
Guided discussions are designed in order to enable the client to peel away their surface level of superficial needs,wants and habits to dig a little deeper to truly discover who they are and what they really want out of life. Often our gut instincts and intuition are thrown aside
 in order to please others or to fit in – genuine happiness and well-being will be greatly
reduced until our true motivations are satisfied.
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Gargoyle on Notre Dame What can it do for me?

Coaching allows you the time to truly focus on yourself and your feelings. Having a coach to truly listen to what you have to say and allow you to talk through your thoughts is invaluable. The more you immerse yourself into the whole coaching experience the more you will receive in positive results, feelings and motivation. Coaching can take you in any direction you wish to take – the key is to be open to your opportunities.
How long does it take?

Each coaching programme varies from person to person.  It will depend on what is happening in your life just now and what kind of changes you are wanting to make.  

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What if I don't know what I want to do with my life?

Then Life Coaching is exactly what you need! The starting point for anyone is to evaluate their life at the moment, to identify gaps or in-balance and to discover what you really want to give and get out of life. By talking through your thoughts and using specific  coaching techniques you will achieve a greater understanding of who you are, what you want and how to get there.
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Is it the same as counselling?

No. Life Coaching can often be used as a stepping stone after completing counselling or therapy. Counselling is based on working through and resolving past psychological and emotional issues, whereas coaching focuses on the present moment and the future. Throughout a coaching programme clients may discover they would benefit from counselling before they can move forward to achieve their goals, in which case they may wish to come back to coaching at a later date.

Will I become dependant on my coach?

No. The aim is to empower you. By learning the techniques used and immersing yourself in the journey you will be able to coach yourself in the future. Sessions and home actions are client rather than coach led therefore by the end of the programme each client will be ready and keen to start the next stage of their journey – self-coaching. Coaches will always be happy to hear from past clients - to hear of their successes, to help them through any difficulties and to encourage them on their next set of goals.

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What if I don't get on well with my coach?

All coaches fully understand that there needs to be a good relationship between coach and client to achieve the best results. I would be happy to recommend other coaches who I feel would suit your needs and personality if either of us were not happy with the client/coach relationship.

Where do face-to-face sessions take place?

Sessions are held in safe, neutral places such as cafe's or hotel receptions.
 It is important that both coach and client feel comfortable and
able to speak freely.
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What other ways can sessions be done?
Sessions are equally effective over the phone, allowing coaching to be done all over the world - wherever you fancy. This can be done over landlines or via Internet connections such as Skype.

What happens if I need to speak to you between sessions?

I am happy to recieve e-mails and phone calls in between sessions to enable you to talk through something.  I will always endeavour to assist you in any way I can.

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Pile of magazines

Where can I find more information on Life Coaching?

As a rapidly growing profession, information is more readily available to the general public. The internet offers many options such as:
www.coachfederation.org - The International Coach Federation
www.europeancoachinginstitute.org - European Coaching Institute

'Psychologies' magazine (available in most newsagents) is a fantastic resource for clients and coaches alike. It offers an enjoyable, yet informative look into the emotional side of our world.

Throughout my coaching programme I will often encourage clients to immerse themselves in the vast amounts of books, magazines, films etc. which will motivate, inspire and provide ideas.

Please check my Books and Links page for inspiration.

If you have any questions not answered here, please contact me at larajcollins@yahoo.co.uk

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