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Lara Collins Life Coaching www.laracollins.co.uk


International Association of Coaches Member        New-U Coaching Associate Coach

Lara's Profile

Lara My background...
I spent most of my childhood training and competing at swimming, and it was only natural I continued my interest in sport into my studies and career. Throughout a hugely enjoyable and valuable few years spent at college I achieved a Degree in Leisure Management. Desperate to use my knowledge I started my career as a Personal Trainer, and thoroughly enjoyed motivating and guiding people to learn more about their bodies and how they could enjoy keeping fit and healthy.

I have gained valuable experience and skills in varied areas of the Leisure Management Industry such as sport, tourism and retail. In all my roles my main focus has been on creating a positive working environment and providing opportunities for people to grow and develop as much as possible.  In 2005 I trained with New-U Coaching in Edinburgh to become a certified coach and began my own business, and worked for a year as an Associate Coach with New-U. 

I currently work part time with Water Babies as a baby and child swimming instructor and part time as a Personal Life Coach.

My Highlights...
Charity Walk in China
I stumbled upon a newspaper article for a charity walk along the Great Wall of China in aid of the Aberlour Trust.  For some reason this really caught me and the thought of doing it created a flutter of butterflies in my stomach.  

Nothing was going to stop me going on this adventure and I overcame a great number of challenges in order to go.  My sheer determination to overcome many fears and worries was well and truly rewarded with one of the most exhilarating adventures of my life!  I met and be-friended some truly wonderful people, explored an amazing country and now have memories that will last forever.
Charity Walk in China  Lara, Lyn, Jose in China

Peru, on the other hand has been somewhere I had longed to visit for some time. Having never had the resources or confidence to do it alone I was overjoyed when my new found friend Christian suggested we do it together!

Exploring the truly beautiful country of Peru and enduring the trek to Machu Piccu together with such a great friend was a magical time.  
On the Inca Trail   

When I recall my childhood most of my memories are about swimming.  Being so involved in a sport and club has given me so much strength of character, expanded my friendship circle, and taught me many lessons.

I have learnt how to become dedicated and committed, to work towards a goal step by step, to enjoy winning and how to cope with losing, and best of all - the benefits of leading an active, healthy lifestyle.
After spending over 15 years talking about surfing I finally decided I had to get on with it and go surfing before my 30th birthday.  Having talked it up so much I had become terrified of it being a letdown, of me being rubbish and not living up to my (incredibly high) expectations.

So, I booked a weeks surfing holiday in Portugal on my own to ensure there was no way I could back out.  I focused on getting fit and ready to take on my challenge. Before I knew it I was off to the beautiful sandy beaches of Portugal and my lifetime dream.

Although I didn't come back a championship surfer (or a sexy surfer chick) I did feel a great accomplishment at making my dream come true.  It was very hard work and definitely challenging (both mentally and physically).  Now I'm ready to get back out into the water and just have fun!
Lara and Surfboard Surf Experience-Portugal

My life in the future……………
'I will be living a fun-filled, active and meaningful life surrounded by energetic, loving people who inspire me to live my life to the full. I am looking forward to encouraging, supporting and guiding others to create the lifestyles that will be the most rewarding to themselves and the people around them.

I will continue to follow my desire to explore the world and to
meet and learn from many different people from many cultures.  I will be willing to try new things such as sports, therapies or languages.  I shall be a positive inspiration for others and lead by example.'
Fantasy Island

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